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SpecLab leaf analysis

Spectroradiometer Laboratory

CALMIT'S Spectroradiometer Laboratory
CALMIT'S Spectroradiometer Laboratory

The CALMIT "SpecLab" provides a facility for collecting spectral data under controlled, experimental conditions. SpecLab provides a dark room and various calibration instruments to characterize and calibrate optical sensors for scientific applications and collect precise spectral data in a controlled environment. A variety of laboratory equipment is available to researchers and students including integrating spheres, calibration light sources, a Shimadzu UV-2501PC (UV-VIS) recording spectrophotometer and a LI-COR 3100 area meter.  The  SpecLab also contains facilities and equipment for analyzing water samples as well as large ovens for drying vegetation samples.

Phenotyping Laboratory

high-throughput plant phenotyping platform with LemnaTec Scanalyzer 3D
High-throughput plant phenotyping analysis using the LemnaTec Scanalyzer 3D instrument

CALMIT has partnered with the Nebraska Innovation Campus Greenhouse to test remote sensing approaches using a fully automated, environmentally controlled platform. The phenotyping lab features four chambers equipped with cameras capable of collecting images in the visible, infrared, fluorescent and hyperspectral range.

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