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Art Zygielbaum and Dave Scoby measure water content in corn leaves


Wardlow, Brian (Director, CALMIT ) Remote sensing tools used to assess agricultural, environmental, and natural resource issues, with a focus on drought. 402.472.6729

Gamon, John (Director, CALMIT Hyperspectral Aerial Monitoring Program)

Studies the "breathing of the planet" - the exchanges of carbon and water vapour between the biosphere and the atmosphere that affect ecosystem productivity and help regulate our atmosphere and climate, and the use of remote sensing techniques to discern biodiversity. 402.472.7529
Franz, Trenton Performs ecohydrologic modeling of dryland ecosystems using near surface hydrogeophysics. 402.472.8718
Neale, Christopher Uses airborne multispectral imagery for monitoring and mapping river corridors, riparian vegetation, wetlands, natural resources, irrigated agriculture. Concurrently is Director of Research, Daugherty Water for Food Institute. 402.472.5339
Qi, Yi Research focus includes geospatial analysis via remote sensing, geographic information systems, and spatial data science to understand the drivers and consequences of changes in ecosystems and environments. 402.472.8195

Walter-Shea, Elizabeth

Studies light interactions in vegetative canopies and how this relates to plant functioning. 402.472.1553

Wang, Ran

Remote sensing with an emphasis on hyperspectral image processing. Data from optical indices can be used to discern biodiversity, winter downregulation and other seasonal phenological changes. 402.472.2946

Post-doctoral Fellows


Emeritus Faculty

Zygielbaum, Art Studies non-destructive methods for remote detection and measurement of water stress in vegetation using computer-based analysis and visualization tools. 402.472.3424

Gitelson, Anatoly


Professor, PhD Rustov-on-Don State University, Russia --

Rundquist, Don


Professor, PhD University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Former CALMIT Director 402.472.7536
Lawson, Merlin Professor, PhD Clark University 402.472.2663
Narumalani, Sunil Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, PhD University of South Carolina 402.472.2891


Leavitt, Bryan Research Associate,
MS Brigham Young University
Perk, Rick Assistant Geoscientist,
BSE South Dakota University
Ratcliffe, Ian Remote Sensing/GIS Research Specialist,
MS University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Moore, Ryan PhD Natural Resources Brian Wardlow
Ou, Wenqi PhD Natural Resources Ayse Kilic
Zhao, Biquan PhD Natural Resources Brian Wardlow
 Zoller, Amy PhD Natural Resources Brian Wardlow

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