Land use maps and data download links

COHYST land use maps

2001-2005 irrigation map

Land  use maps were prepared for the years 1982, 1997, 2001, and 2005. Downloadable data and metadata are available for years assessed. An additional study estimating irrigation for the year 2002 used satellite remote sensing techniques to estimate irrigated lands in Scotts Bluff and Kearney Counties during the summer of 2002. 

To view metadata and download data in ESRI grid, legend, and shapefiles, or in GeoTIFF or PDF formats, click on the links below.

Data download link Primary product (PDF) Final Report
1982 Land Cover Map 1982 Final Report
1997 Land Cover Map 1997 Final Report
2001 Land Cover Map 2001 Final Report

Irrigation Study

2002 Irrigation Study Technical Report
2005 Land Cover Map 2005 Final Report (not available)

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