SIF Conference Presentations

CALMIT Conferences: Science and Application of Chlorophyll Fluorescence Conference Presentations

Tower-mounted Spectrometer image provided by Fred Huemmrich


Day 1
9:00 John Gamon – Introduction: Workshop goals, key questions & hypotheses (pdf)

11:30 Jim Kellner, Carlos Silva, Xi Yang: Bayesian inversion of SCOPE to quantify seasonal variation in NPQ at Harvard Forest

13:30 Philipp Koehler: Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence retrievals using the Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging Spectrometer (CFIS)
Day 2

8:30 Uwe Rascher: HyPlant data preprocessing: 5 years of lessons learned

9:00 Sergio Cogliatti: The spectral fitting approach to retrieve fluorescence from high resolution data

9:30 Gabriel Hmimina: SIF fitting and normalization approaches (pdf)

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